Barboza Space Center’s Robot Showcases in Long Beach: Citizen Science on Display

We have found a creative way to bring our community together through the use of citizen science.  

Long Beach youth use citizen science to connect with veterans at the Long Beach VA Hospital.  “The blind veterans can talk to our robots and the robots respond.” said, Bob Barboza founder/director of the Barboza Space Center.

Welcome to our first Annual Barboza Space Center’s Robot Showcase photo essay.  We hope to see you at our Second Annual Robot Showcase in August, 2019.  We are looking for robot designers and builders of all ages.  Contact Bob Barboza at

Boy snd 2 robots ABC.jpg20180825-200317479-ios_orig.jpg

US Veterans.jpg20180825-201359101-ios_orig.jpg


Citizen Science.jpgIMG_5783.jpgIMG_5604.jpg20180825-201414369-ios_orig.jpg20180825-201416604-ios_orig.jpg20180825-210041229-ios_orig.jpg20180825-210145794-ios_orig.jpg20180825-210204164-ios_orig.jpg

IMG_5583.jpg20180825-210211201-ios_orig.jpg20180825-210226527-ios_orig.jpg20180825-210230196-ios_orig.jpgcsulb1_orig.jpgmind-control-robot-eeg_orig-1.jpgIMG_5168.jpgIMG_5169.jpgIMG_4790.jpgIMG_5688.jpgIMG_5708.jpgIMG_5761.jpg20180825-210142291-ios_orig.jpg20180825-210226527-ios_orig.jpg20180825-210046500-ios_orig.jpg20180825-201437034-ios_orig.jpg20180825-201421615-ios_orig.jpgIMG_5800.jpgIMG_5803.jpgIMG_5808.jpgIMG_5811.jpgIMG_5812.jpgIMG_5816.jpgIMG_5818.jpgIMG_2287-1.jpgIMG_2308.jpgIMG_2318.jpgIMG_5723.jpgIMG_5735.jpgIMG_5740.jpgIMG_5742.jpgIMG_5744.jpgIMG_5748.jpgIMG_5752.jpgIMG_5757.jpgIMG_5800.jpgIMG_5806.jpgIMG_2273.jpgIMG_2275.jpgIMG_2278.jpgIMG_2281.jpgIMG_2297.jpgIMG_2299.jpgIMG_5820 2.jpgIMG_5823.jpgIMG_0568.JPGIMG_0569.JPGIMG_0572.JPGIMG_0573.JPGIMG_2265.jpgIMG_2266.jpgIMG_2269.jpgIMG_2273.jpgIMG_5776.jpgIMG_5785.jpgIMG_5829.jpg

Citizen Science on Display at the Long Beach VA Hospital Blind Learning Center 

Long Beach youth use citizen science to help include blind veterans in community level technology and space science projects that benefit veterans.   This is the Barboza Space Center’s Annual Robot Showcase.

We want to thank city council members Stacey Mungo and Lena Gonzales for listening to our team and then giving us great suggestions.

Thank you to Liz Greco,  Dr. Angelo Barbosa, Dr. Felton Williams and the Long Beach Unified School District.

Consultants: Cristian Castro, Enzo Bauk

Thank you to our support teams:

  • Microsoft
  • Super School Design Center
  • USC School of Engineering
  • Long Beach State University: School of Engineering
  • Robotic Society of Souther California
  • Robotic Society of Riverside California
  • Sato Academy of Mathematics & Science
  • Barboza Space Center
  • Super School Software
  • CABE and CUE
  • Elizabeth Greco, Long Beach VA Hospital Blind Center
  • eBus Corporation
  • East LA Rising (Boys and Girl’s Club)
  • Kids Talk Radio and Kids Talk Radio Science


Robot Showcase Producer:

Barboza Space Center 1857 Josie Ave. Long Beach, CA 90815, (562) 221-1780,,,

Logo 108 copy 2.png

Kids Talk Radio Master Logo copy.png



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