Mars, Robots, and Fellowships

STEAM++ Presentations: Mars, Robots, and Fellowships presented by Bob Barboza Founder/Director, Barboza Space Center Thursday, January 24th, 2019 Huntington Beach, CA The Barboza Space Center in Long Beach, California, offers international fellowship programs to inspire high school students in Cabo Verde and the USA to study science, technology, engineering, visual and performing arts, mathematics, computer […]

Mars Robot Showcase 2019

We are getting ready for the 2019 Mars Robot Showcase.  The future is all about getting robots ready for Mars.  The Barboza Space Center will be hosting the first Mars Robot Showcase.   Questions: Questions: What robots are needed for Mars? What robots can you prototype right now? Are you a robot designer and […]

The Robot Journey Begins

Who wants to go to China? — Bob Barboza We have an opportunity for teachers and students to go to Beijing, China.  This going to be an annual event and the first team can go this August.   We realize that the notice is very short.  If you love robots and traveling, this opportunity is for […]